There's no one right way to make websites.
Learn a couple of 'em.

Learn how to make your own websites and apps. Choose your starting point and decide on your own stack.

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What is this? And why?

This is a series of video courses that teach how to construct and write websites and applications using the fundamental building block of the web: HTML.

It started out during a virtual conference, with a question in their Slack workspace. Quickly spiraled out of control to warrant it’s own project.

Who can benefit from this course?

Designers, developers, product people.

Anyone who doesn’t do front-end development already. Maybe, even them.

Anyone who wants to create their own portfolio, or create their own tools to solve their problems, or even prototype new product ideas.

Basically, anyone.

What's the timeline?

I'm currently planning, recording, and editing videos, while looking into options for running a subscription platform—which will also be covered within the course.

In the meantime, I've compiled my initial courses into an email format so that you can start learning how to make websites before long.

Just sign up to the email course, and you'll be notified when video courses are released, along with deals for early subscribers.

Who are you, again?

My name is Cem. I'm a product designer and I currently run some.design, which also needs a website. Someday soon. 🤞🏻

You can read more about this course on my own blog, or take a look at my development notebook for a taste of tips and tricks you'll learn once you start the course.

Classes coming soon:

HTML & CSS Basics

How to use Glitch

Using TailwindCSS

Getting Started with Hugo

Domain names, servers, and emails

Creating Layouts with CSS

Combining No-Code tools with Code

...and many more